Haydon Kerk – Custom lineair rail with dry lubrication

Industry and the whole economy are suffering these days under the current Covid19 situation and we do not see it coming to an end anytime soon. On the other hand, this crisis is also leading to innovations. Our partner Haydon-Kerk Pittman, for example, provided some crucial features in the latest Disinfection robot from the company Xenex.

This mobile robot uses ultraviolet light to disinfect the environment around the robot and thus reduce the infection rate in hospitals by 50% to 100%. To perform this operation, a Dual Guide Rail System has been developed to move the head of the robot up and down with extreme precision.

Why Haydon Kerk Pittman's solution:

Advantages HKP
• Limited vibrations and low-noise due to the use of the patented nut technology without bullets and without grease lubrication
• Enduring the large moment load within compact dimensions
• Pre-aligned, plug and play system for a carefree and cost-effective installation
• Large range in spindle speed allowing the optimal balance between self-locking and speed.

Unique nut with 'Centralizer'

The double-guided rail system was developed by HKP specifically for this application. The advantage of this construction is that only one unit has to be fitted. As a result, the alignment is no longer derelict when it is installed and it is more robust due to the compact construction. An overhung moment load generally brings with it an increase in vibrations and also sound, but by using the unique, patented nut with so-called 'centralizer' and the teflon coating, these were reduced to a minimum.


The assembly is cost effective, robust and can absorb the considerable moment load without additional conductors. This is a unique, customized solution due to close collaboration and careful consideration of specifications such as moment load, stroke length, required resolution and desired speed. This solution simplifies both the initial manufacturing of the Xenex robot and the service of the robot in hospitals around the world.

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