Concens – new generation of intelligent actuators

CONCENS' beautiful and compact electric cylinders become even more intelligent. In their latest version, the steering print is now included so that no external controller is needed anymore.

Key benefits:

+ no external sensors needed to limit stroke length

+ no risk of errors in the cabling of the encoder signals

+ no risk of burn-in due to built-in power protection

+ possibility of paralling control of multiple actuators

con35 black inox

The built-in controller in this ICON can also communicate via Modbus RTU to a PC or PLC, for example our Inovance H3U, allowing up to 128 ICON actuators to be controlled and monitored. Through the optional conXion box, this connection is extremely easy.

This box can also be used to connect a manual control directly for stand-alone operation.

The dimensions of the new ICON are the same as the standard versions with Hall encoder : the robust fully cylindrical building that makes the CONCENS actuators so unique is thus preserved. Also in terms of options nothing changes: the different stroke lengths, RAL colors to measure, high IP class and the push-only version (spline) can still be configured according to the need of the application or machine.


This new ICON will be available from January.

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