Brushless DC motors

Brushless DC motors are specialized in speed control. They are compact, powerful and energy-saving and require little to no maintenance thanks to the lack of carbon brushes.

We offer a variety of brushless dc motors: with AC input, with DC input, cylindrical,...


  • Stable speed control
  • Slim body, high power
  • Wide speed control range
  • Efficient
  • Different options in power source and interface
Thumbnail of BLDC motor met AC input

BLDC-motoren met een AC-input (mono-of driefasig 200-240V AC) met uitgaand vermogen van 30W tot 400W.
Verschillende versies mogelijk: snelheidscontrole, becshermingsklasse IP67, met reductor of rechtstreekse aandrijving.

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Thumbnail of BLDC motor with DC input

The BLH motor and driver package is a 24 VDC power supply input type, offering up to 400W of power and a wide speed range.

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Thumbnail of Cylindrical BLDC motor

Cylindervormige borstelloze DC motoren zijn beschikbaar in verschillende formaten en vermog ...

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