Lead Screw

Many rails are offered with integrated drive, motorized, non-motorized or guide only versions without lead-screw. Rails are available with wear-compensating, anti-backlash driven carriages to insure repeatability and accurate positioning. All moving surfaces include engineered polymers that provide a precise, strong and stable platform for a variety of linear motion applications.

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The BGS Linear Rail combines many technologies into a single integrated linear motion platform. The system provides excellent load capability and is engineered for both normal and overhanging loads. High roll, pitch...

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The RGS Linear Rail is a screw driven rail system that offers exceptional linear speed, accurate positioning, a narrow base and long life in a compact, value-priced assembly. The length and speed of the RGS is not limited by critical screw speed, allowing high RPM and linear speeds, even over long spans.

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The RGW Linear Rail is a more rigid wide base version of the RGS rail with the addition of T-slots for sensor kit mounting. The RGW series is available in the RGW06 and RGW10 sizes. All other attributes and options are similar to the RGS series.

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The WGS Linear Rail feature a more compact profile and improved torsional stiffness and stability. The integral mounting base can provide support over the entire length that can extend up to 8 feet (2.4 meters)...

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The LRS Linear Rail uses a precision lead screw assembly mechanism to provide controlled positioning along the axis of a robust aluminum linear slide. The carriage...

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