LRS Integrated T-slot mounting

The LRS Linear Rail uses a precision lead screw assembly mechanism to provide controlled positioning along the axis of a robust aluminum linear slide. The carriage is a small platform with sliding element linear bearings that glide within this specially configured extrusion. The lead screw used in the system is provided with various leads and shaft end configurations that accommodate virtually any source of rotary power.

  • T-slots integrated into the exterior
  • Stroke Lengths up to 1 meter
  • Kerkote® or Black Ice™ TFE coatings on a 303 stainless steel leadscrew
  • Automatic adjustments of slide bearing play with a patent pending “anti-backlash” linear bearing
  • Freewheeling or WDG anti-backlash nuts available

SizeRail WidthRail HeightMax StrokeMax LoadMotorizedRail OnlyGuide OnlyMajor Attribute
LRX 0442.542.51.0222XNEMA17 profile, T-slots
Non - Motorized

LRX 0442.542.51.0222XXNEMA17 profile, T-slots

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