Trapezoidal spindles

Trapezoidal threads are ideal for movement due to their flank profile. Application: Conversion of a rotary movement into a linear one. Sometimes: Conversion of a linear movement into a rotary one. Trapezoidal threads can also be used as easy-toloosen fastener.

Thread profile of the catalogue products

Metric DIN-ISO thread according to DIN 103, with 15° flank angle.

Designation of a Trapezoidal thread spindle

DIN 103 DIN-number, abbreviation for trapezoidal thread, outside diameter x lead x length
For example: Spindle DIN 103 Tr. 12 x 3 x 1000mm.

Production method

Practically all of the spindles in the catalogue models are rolled. Thread rolling is the most economical production method for series production. Due to the chipless shaping, rolled threaded spindles feature a number of positive characteristics: Higher tensile strength, higher resistance to wear, higher fatigue strength under reversed bending, press polished thread flanks, precise profile, unsevered grain structure and higher resistance to corrosion. During thread rolling a groove forms at the outside diameter. This groove guarantees accuracy and cylindricity of the thread. It has no influence on the functioning of the threaded spindle, as the thread bears its load at the flanks. The threads of the nuts are cut.


Running without lubricant is not allowed. For grease lubrication, normal roller bearing grease is recommended. The lubricant consumption depends on the condition of use.

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