Customized solutions

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions takes pride in the ability to customize linear motion systems for just about any application.

Consider the offering of standard products on the Haydon Kerk website as a "starting point". After getting an understanding of the base-model products that we offer, you can create a system that can incorporate features as simple as a special wire harness assembly to a complete motion subassembly that can replace multiple individual parts in the final machine.

Expertise of Haydon Kerk:

  • Mechanical, electrical and software engineering teams
  • Full inspection and testing capabilities (includes interferometry, vision inspection, environmental, vibration and noise testing)
  • Proprietary and patented products and processes (includes low friction coatings, in-house developed polymers)
  • Drive and software development
  • Extensive manufacturing capabilities (including in-house tool design and fabrication, injection molding, EDM, 3D printing, coating and cabling)
  • ISO Certified and Rohs Compliant

Product images