Oriental Motor introduces 5 phase stepper motor and driver package with speed control

New drivers for the stepping motor CVK Series which can be easily operated by switching digital CW/CCW input.

This product is especially designed for transfer applications like conveyor systems. Typical scenarios are that speed controlled motors are being used for transporting goods on the conveyor. For achieving of a high accuracy and precise stop position, usually sensors are installed for stopping at a target position. While transporting goods with different size, there is a need to change the position of the sensor for adjusting the target position.

With the CVK-series there's no need for a sensor thanks to the high repetitive stopping accuracy even if load varies.


  • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration
  • High stopping accuracy
  • Holding torque at standstill
  • Speed 0.02 rpm to 600 rpm
  • Torque is up to 6 Nm even at low speed
  • Geared types optional