Electric Gripper from Orientalmotor

Electric grippers with built-in position detection have the advantage of being much more controllable than pneumatic grippers. For example, the power of the latest Orientalmotor gripper can be set in increments per %. This is useful if one wants to take vulnerable products and still want to make sure that they do not reload when the robot starts to move.

An additional feature that now comes with this is that these grippers contain an integrated position detection. This allows to check whether the product is present and can even be used to check that the size of the product falls within the set tolerance (and is therefore correct for further manipulations in the machine).

All this comes in a total solution that is very easy to set up and can easily be linked to your existing PLC or PC environment.

In addition, the possibilities are:
- with Ethernet/Ip or EtherCAT communication
- with pulse/dir input and encoder feedback
- with preset motion profiles with USB connection and MEXE software

For example, the latter was used in the application below for the seizing of test tubes. The next movement was captured in the driver via the USB connection : a very fast movement towards the test tube, when approaching, increasing slowing down and then gently grabbing it. The grip force is set in such a way that the ideal balance between safe absorption and faultless working is achieved, regardless of the tolerance to the diameter of the test tube. When reaching speed zero, the measured position (of the built-in absolute encoder) is compared to the preset value and if it falls outside the permitted measure, an error output is set high.

In the drive, therefore, only an output should be set high to start the cycle and on the basis of a few inputs the difference can be made between the action to be taken for correct or incorrect products.