New product from Haydon-Kerk: the MSA mini-slide series

The MSA Mini-Slide Series is ideal for Lab Automation, Optics and Imaging applications where linear motion is a must, space is a premium and value is key.

The Mini-Slide is a complete linear axis of motion that fits in the palm of your hand with standard options to suit a variety of application demands.

At the heart of the Mini-Slide is our external linear style actuator with either our high power 21000 series Nema Size 8 Hybrid Stepper Motor,

or our high-value G19000 Series Can-Stack Stepper Motor.

Slide includes our integrated guide and lead nut carriage, dual guide rod load support configuration and aluminum end supports.

  • Full step resolution down to 1.5 micron
  • Linear speeds in excess of 100mm/sec
  • Low profile, 18.5mm carriage height
  • Ultra-low friction TFE coatings optional
  • Encoder feedback optional