Driving AGV with Newstart NTQ series gearbox

The breakthrough of AGV in logistics makes that a number of technical innovations are available for the driving of these autonomous vehicles. Newstart for example offers the NTQ series gearbox for this purpose. Specific for their solution, is the position of the reducer inside the wheel.

  • Motor Independent
    By using different motor adapters it is possible to mount almost any motor. Direct assembly of the motor is also possible.
  • Direct Mounting
    The mounting interface allows direct mounting of the gearbox to the vehicle. No additional adapters are required.
  • Reduction of installation space
    The gearbox is almost completely enclosed by the wheel. The required installation space in the vehicle is therefore reduced to a minimum.
  • High load capacity
    The preloaded, double-designed angular contact roller bearings with TPAD wheel gearboxes permit very high radial forces.
  • High efficiency and reliability
    The proven gearbox type from Newstart value lines is characterized by a high efficiency. With the life time lubrication, it is also maintenance-free and extremely reliable, even in continuous operation.