Oriental Motor BLV Series - Closed Loop system with DC power supply

The newest AGV's (Automated Guided Vehicle) request high efficiency motors with intelligent monitoring features. The newest generation of brushless motors made by Oriental Motor are specially developed with AGV's in mind and provide an improved process stability and high reliability. The outgoing power goes up to 400W in combination of gear heads with a maximum ratio of 200 provide a dynamic and very accurate AGV.


Take Advantage of BLV Series Features

Four Quadrant Motor Control

Four quadrant control on the driver is able to handle most operating conditions, even driving down slope where negative torque needs to be applied. The closed loop control system is capable to make precise speed adjustments even in sophisticated working conditions within a speed stability of ± 0.2%.


Very Compact Size

Due to hollow shaft flat gear:

  • gear motor depth 154 mm
  • direct wheel attachment
  • high torque up to 110 Nm

Battery Recharge

Regeneration Voltage from BLDC motor can charge AGV's battery


Low Battery Function

In case of power supply voltage drop, the motor speed drops but maintains the torque. Additionaly, the driver can output a signal when the voltage becomes lower than the threshold, which is adjustable. The Signal can be used as a trigger to return to the charging station.


Torque Limit

Prevent machine downtime by setting a torque limit. Based on that you can detect shortcomings and take the necessary measure like power off or set warning output.

Full Torque Control by using AZ Series

Preset the upper torque limit and feedback these deviations to your controller. For instance this could be tire wear or changings in floor conditions as well as obstacles.