Lineaire actuator ALI5 AC

* Three phase or single phase motor CE
* Worm gearbox (ALI5)
* Acme lead screw or ballscrew (VRS)
* Chrome plated steel push road
* Grease (standard) or oil (VRS continuous duty S1) lubricated on request
* IP 65, tested according to rule CEI EN 60529 - NB: only for brake motors standard IP54, IP65 on request
* Working temperature range -10°C +60°C
* Intermittent duty S3 30% (5min) a +30°C acme lead screw version (*)
* Limit switch, potentiometer, encoder on request
* At-Ex II 3 D T4 version (A.C.motor) on request

Max force: 18.000 N
Max speed: 93 mm/s
Motor: 1ph-3ph Vac

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