Scharnierende assen

  • versies in plastic of staal
  • enkelvoudig, dubbel of telescopisch
  • optioneel met snelkoppeling, naaldlager en beschermingsbalg

future, absolutely essential and versatile components for transferring rotary motion and transmitting torque from the driving to the driven unit. If two shafts set at a certain angle are connected using a single universal joint and one shaft turns with constant velocity, the other shaft will move irregularly. This non-uniformity – also called gimbal error – means that angle of rotation of the second shaft slightly lags behind or leads the movement off the first shaft, with kind of sinus-shaped variations. The greater the operating angle a, the greater the non-uniformity in motion of the second shaft. Thus single universal joints are only used in applications where non-uniformity of rotation is acceptable. This non-uniformity can be compensated by either using two single universal joints in sequence - thus forming a universal shaft - or by using a double universal joint. When properly installed, the second universal joint can compensate the non-uniform rotation of the first universal joint, that is under the following preconditions, as described in DIN 808:

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