SV660 - Single Axis EtherCAT Servo Drive

Easy Set-up and tuning

Act In Time - Inovance - SV660N
  • Pluggable connectors for both signal and power allows avoidance of wiring mistakes.
  • Fine tuning is possible using the STune and ETune software functions

High speed EtherCAT communications

  • The SV660N uses a high performance processor for high speed communications,
    achieving a cycle time of 125µs for all EtherCAT operating modes.

Ultra-fast 4.5 kHz current loop

Safe Torque Off - SIL3

  • Guarantees safe machine stop without uding additional contactors.

High resolution feedback encoder

  • 23 bit serial single/multi-turn absolute encoder

Short output winding

  • Standard, built-in, short output winding ensures safe braking

Robust and reliable – designed for harsh environments

  • Isolated cooling channel prevents dust contamination of internal electrical components.
  • Coated PCB's resistant to 3S2 and 3C2 environments

Easy cloning of drive parameters

  • Parameters of all SV660N drives in a machine can be cloned in one go
    using the commissioning software and the EtherCAT network.

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