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  • 1 to 30-layer FR-4 PCBs with HDI, and metal core PCBs such as Aluminum PCBs, Copper PCBs and Iron PCBs, etc.
  • Production of Prototypes, High-mix or Low-volume orders with class II or class III of IPC and UL standards
  • Professional PCB fabrication services with competitive pricing and over 25 years  experience
  • Perfect quality and eco systems such as ISO9001-2008, ISO14004-2004 and UL certified
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JVL now provide a wide range of excellent HMI operator panels for all our integrated motors.

Available screen sizes from 4,3" to 15" with resolutions up to 1024 x 768.
Enjoy easy creation of operator screens using the EV5000 development software package for Windows.

  • Connects to all controller versions of MIS231..234
  • Connects to all MAC050..141
  • Connects to all MAC400 and MAC800
  • Easy and intuitive development software
  • All functions that you would ever need, including trend graphs, alarms and recipe handling
  • Advanced Timer functions let you mask out individual bits in MAC/MIS/SMC75 registers
  • Need very special functionality? Just write a macro in C !
  • Ultra fast boot times reduce waiting time after power on. Good connectivity, even the smallest panels have 2 serial ports and an USB-port


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