Torque motors

The TM Series combines a newly developed, user-friendly power controller with a torque motor. With the TM Series, you can adjust torque easily with a simple system. The TM Series is perfect for winding applications, push-motion mechanisms and other situations where torque must be adjusted over a wide range.

  • Torque can be adjusted by changing the voltage applied to the motor.
  • Large starting torque and sloping characteristics
  • Usable over the entire range of speed – torque characteristics.
  • Provides stable torque in a locked state or at low speed.
  • Functions as a brake when the motor can be rotated in the reverse direction.
  • If the load is constant, the speed can be changed by adjusting the applied voltage.
  • If the applied voltage is constant, the speed changes when the load changes.
  • DIN mountable
  • Up to 20m between motor and power controller

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