UNIMOTION receives ISO 3 cleanroom certification for CTL Linear Units

Linear stage for use in cleanroom

UNIMOTION receives ISO 3 cleanroom certification for CTL Linear Units

UNIMOTION, leader in the field of linear and drive technology, announces that its CTL linear units have been awarded ISO 3 and ISO 5 clean room certifications. This certification confirms that the CTL linear units meet the strict standards in cleanrooms up to ISO 3 class and are therefore ideally suited for applications that are operated in controlled cleanroom environments. 

“This certification is a testament to the superior quality, reliability and linear positioning cleanliness of our CTL linear units. Our customers in industries with the highest environment cleanliness requirements can now utilize our technology with even greater confidence.” – Peter Grilc, CEO.   

Application in Cleanroom Environments

With ISO 3 and ISO 5 certification, the CTL linear units are suitable for use in environments where the lowest particulate emissions are required. This is particularly important in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals or medical technology, where even the smallest particles can cause considerable damage to products or even render them unusable.

This certification ensures that the use of the linear units does not compromise the strict cleanliness standards required in critical manufacturing processes. It also extends their applicability in advanced technology sectors that require precise environmental control and high accuracy.
With this certification, UNIMOTION underlines its commitment to product details and its ability to meet the demanding requirements of modern industry. The certification ensures that the CTL linear units meet the highest cleanliness standards required for sensitive and precise positioning in clean rooms.


About UNIMOTION CTL linear units

The CTL linear units from UNIMOTION are designed for high accuracy and dynamic performance and have an innovative, compact design that was awarded the German Design Award 2022.
The CTL linear unit is a linear unit with an integrated linear motor that is designed for high accuracy, high dynamics and backlash-free operation. With the integrated position measuring system, this is a ready-to-install plug&drive solution for the user. 

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