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    L’automate de la série Easy est une série d’automates compacts mais performants d’INOVANCE.
    Convient aux commandes de contrôle de mouvement simples à très complexes qui contrôlent les différents lecteurs via Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, CANopen ou pulses.

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    Up to three-axis electronic cam, more flexible and easy setup. In-built multiple communication ports including Ethernet, CAN, Serial, USB ports, supporting program download/upload via Serial/USB/Ethernet ports.

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    AM600 is a centralized motion controller with built-in PLC functionality. Standard EtherCAT port to control up to 32 axes in point-to-point positioning. PLCopen library for single axis and interpolation movement are standard features. Every axis can be programmed to move using linear, circular or electronic cams (up to 8 simultaneously). IEC61131-3 and Codesys programming are part of the InoProShop software tools. Additional modules can be added to the main CPU module to be able to manage different IO input types. CANopen functionality and Ethernet port are also in standard package. Supported also EtherCAT connection with thirdy part device.

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