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All-in-one unit

We suggested a conversion of 10 existing control valves to an intelligent solution based on Profinet communication and driven by a Siemens S7 in a steel processing plant. The unit is made up of a closed loop stepper motor, planetary gearhead and a safety coupling. The continual current readings make it possible to execute preventative maintenance. Because of an absolute encoder there was no need for extra cabling or switches. ...

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PSE for quickly changing packaging formats

Changing packaging formats quickly and easily is vital for maximizing the efficiency of an automated packaging line. That's why a packaging company chose to invest in a positioning system from Halstrup-Walcher....

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BLDC motor to drive mixer

A cosmetic producer needed a drive for a mixer in a production line. This was needed to keep lip balm warm and in movement. The solution we proposed was a brushless DC motor 60W with a gearbox reducer and corresponding controller with speed control....

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Project op maat voor testen van “Nozzles"

AAMS-Salvarini is gespecialiseerd in het ontwikkelen van testapparatuur die de kwaliteit van spuitdoppen onderzoekt. Om dit testprocess sneller en efficiënter te kunnen laten verlopen ontwikkelde ze op vraag van hun klant een volledig automatische machine. Zelf hebben ze veel ervaring met meettechnieken, maar om de stap naar machinebouw te zetten zochten ze een partner met expertise in de mechatronica. Ze vonden deze in Act In Time die reeds toeleverancier was voor de DC motoren en mechanica onderdelen in hun apparaten....

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