Three phase induction motor

  • High-efficiency three-phase motor: The optimal magnetic design and dedicated parts provide high efficiency of up to 73%. This model also has reduced the power consumption by up to around 10%.
  • Best for combination with an inverter: You can control the speed in a wide range from low speeds to high speeds. In addition, speed regulation under loads is small, enabling stable speed control.
  • Increase in motor power output: For the frame size of 90 mm, the output of 100 W has been achieved through high efficiency.
  • Fanless: Reduction in loss has suppressed heat generation. This eliminates the cooling fan installed in the conventional model of 60 W or higher. With less total length, less installation space is required.
  • A slim terminal box is installed for easy wiring. This box conforms to the Degree of Protection IP66.
  • The combination type comes with a gearhead and a motor pre-assembled.
  • Shaft Configurations of Solid Shaft Type: An output shaft direction of left or right can be selected for the solid shaft type.

  • Lineup
    • Frame Size 90 mm ~ 110mm
    • Output Power: 60 W, 100 W, 200 W
    • Voltage:
      Three-Phase 220/230 VAC
      Three-Phase 380 VAC
      Three-Phase 400 VAC
      Three-Phase 415 VAC
    • Type:
      Combination Type/Round Shaft Type/Rightangle Shaft Geared Type
    • Model:
      Induction Motor
      Electromagnetic Brake Type Motor


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