Hollow shaft flat gearheads are designed to prevent saturation of permissible torque even at high gear ratios. Accordingly, these products are also suitable for applications where high permissible torque is required. In addition, they allow effective installation in a limited space and enable a reduction in the number of power transmission components such as couplings.

Hollow shaft flat gearheads can be combined with slim brushless motors, which makes it possible to reduce the installation footprint without adopting a right-angle shaft mechanism. Hollow shaft flat gearheads are structured to increase the space volume beyond the levels of conventional parallel shaft gearheads by extending the gear shaft layout in the longitudinal direction. At the same time, the gear case has been made more rigid while the gear and bearing outer diameters have been increased. These features make it possible to provide a hollow output shaft without changing the parallel shaft structure, which helps increase the permissible torque and life of the product.
In addition, the parallel shaft structure ensures higher gear transmission efficiency compared to conventional right-angle shaft mechanisms.

For maximal flexibility and space-saving solutions in your design.

-Accepting several input motors and gear motors, with power from 20 W up to 500 W.
The input shaft is normalized with 6 mm, 8 mm or 12 mm diameter input shaft, to use any commercial motor of gearmotor of the market.
-Offering different output shafts: frontal, rear, double shaft, linear systems and hollow shaft of 15 or 20 mm diameter with a key way according to DIN 6885