For direct drive

At direct drives the input and output shafts are in the same flight. A compensatory element must be mounted on the safety coupling to balance the axial- and radial shaft misalignment. Diverse versions with metal bellow- or elastomer coupling attachment can be selected from an extensive program.

General specifications:

  • Adjustable disengagement torque
  • Compensation of alignment mistakes
  • Very low residual moment
  • Backlash-free
  • High repetition accuracy
  • Maintenance-free
  • All working parts hardened
  • Automatic re-engagement after 360°
  • Reliable (positive) and fast disengagement
  • Low mass inertia torque


Disengagement function and offset compensation combined: FHW-F-BA (with clamping hub and metal bellows). A low mass moment of inertia, backlash and low restoring forces on the shaft bearings sigh this coupling also made.

  • With clamping hub and metal bellow


The FHW-F-SB is easily separately by a tricky pluggable metal bellows extension (with connectible metall bellows coupling). This property has been proven in applications hard to reach, since only the hubs are screwed and will only be coupled.

  • With connectible metal bellow coupling


Disengagement function and combined offset compensation: FHW-F-SBK. Low mass inertia torque, play freedom and low restoring forces on the shaft bearings draw from this clutch also.

  • With elastomer coupling and clamping hub

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