Analogue to position controller for DC linear actuator

Programmable controllers for inline electric actuators and many models of DC motors with 2 hall sensors.

The C2-20 servo controller provides advanced positioning and control of actuators through easy and flexible integration with the application.

C2-20 features:

  • Precise stroke control from analog voltage input
  • Full H-bridge DC motor controller
  • Programmable using the C2-PROG interface unit or a PC with a USB cable and dongle
  • Fast change of direction
  • Soft start-up, acceleration ramp
  • Settable current limit
  • Trip or continuous current limit
  • High efficiency
  • High momentary load capacity
  • Rail base fittable
  • Two control modes
  • 15 parameters can be controlled by USB interface
  • 'Position Reached'-signal

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