Electric gripper

Electric grippers with integrated positiondetection have the absolute benefit over pneumatic grippers in the way that they can be controlled. The force of the newest electric gripper of Orientalmotor can be setup in steps of %. This is very usefull when you need to grip vulnerable objects or products, but also when you want to make sure that they don't loose their grip once the robot start to move again.

Act in Time - Oriental motor - EH gripper

Features of this electric gripper:

  • integrated position detection
  • total solution
  • easy to link to PLC via Ethernet / IP or EtherCAT communcation
  • Programmable by Puls/dir input and encoder feedback
  • predefined mouvement profiles through USB-connection and the MEXE software
Act in Time - Oriental motor - gripper
Differrent grip methods with the EH-series
Act in Time - Oriental motor - EH gripper
Aligning workpieces with the electric gripper
Act in Time - Oriental motor - EH gripper
Measuring of the pieces on a conveyor with the gripper

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