MD800 - Compact AC multidrive by Inovance

Open Loop modular AC Drive system for:

  • up to 8 drives with 1common rectifier
  • Monophase 200V from 200W up to 3,7kW
  • Threephase 400V from 400W up to 7,5kW
  • Suitable for Open loop Asynchronous & PM synchronous motors

Comprehensive functionality

  • Individual STO SIL 3 for each drive
  • +24V DC control Backup supply
  • IP40 rated
  • Remote LCD keypad

High Level, flexible connectivity

  • Built-in I/Os: 4 DI, 4 DI/DO, 2 AI, 1 RO
  • Standard onboard communications:
    USB commissioning port, CAN, RS485
  • Two expansion slots
    • I/O expansion cards
    • Fieldbus options cards:
      EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Profinet, Modbus TCP
Inovance - MD800 size reduction

Compact Footprint

  • Common height and depth: 182mm x 160mm
  • -50% size reduction in comparison with MD200

Designed for Harsh Environments

  • High level conformal coating (3C3 & 3S2)
  • operating temp. range: -20° to +60°C
  • Separate cooling channel for heatsink