SV820 - Multi Axes Servo Drive

Easy commissioning and maintenance

Act in time - inovance - SV820
  • Built-in LED keypad
  • Simple installation procedure requires only three screws
  • Rapid, easy wiring due to removable connectors and spring-type connector terminals
  • Fault isolation avoids chain reactions
  • Built-in shorting device servomotor windings
  • Simple fan replacement (with no tools required)
  • Front or back outlet cables supported (same motor uses different cable fittings)
  • Skilled engineers not required for set-up
  • Fewer external components required (e.g. no external brake relay)
  • Multiple axes in the same network segment can be commissioned simultaneously
  • Torque compensation
  • Adaptive notch filter
  • Additional filter for low resonance suppression (elastic load)
  • InoDriveStudio: Software package designed for easy set-up

High performance

  • Ultra-fast current loop bandwidth: >4 kHz
  • Fast speed loop bandwidth: >2.5 kHz
  • 350% maximum peak torque
  • 23-bit absolute encoder
  • Advanced vibration suppression function improves performance with elastic load
  • Improved efficiency with load sharing between axes on the common DC bus

Onboard safety

  • Dual input Safe Torque Off (STO) function (SIL3, PL e)
  • CE certified
  • The STO version (also known as the FS variant) is the default model of SV820

Robust and reliable for harsh environments

  • Class 2 conformal coating (as defined in IPC-A-610F); resistant to 3C2 and 3S2 environments (acc. to IEC 60721-3-3)
  • Isolated cooling channels prevent dust contamination of internal electrical components
  • Fully compatible with the IP67-rated MS1 motor
  • The FH variant of SV820 is particularly strongly protected against harsh environments with enhanced conformal coating and an IP55-rated fan