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High efficiency in-line electric actuators with an elegant design, small overall dimensions and a lifting capability of up to 10000 N. It is ideal where size is limited by design or functionality. The in-line electric actuator is made of powder-coated steel with an aluminum or stainless steel piston, and standard IP66, providing a sturdy design that protects the motor and electrics. Compatible controllers, handsets and batteries for mobile use are available.

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Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions offers a full range of linear actuators from diameter 15mm to 46mm and size 8 to size 34 in a wide range of force outputs up to 2200N.  All stepper motor linear actuators can be customized for application specific needs.

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The PNCE are electric cylinders with a precision ball screw drive. The electric cylinder is based on the standard ISO 15552. Its outer design and dimensions are very similar to pneumatic cylinders. 

The design with its smooth surfaces enables easy cleaning of the cylinder. In combination with a lubricant class H1 it is also suitable for food & beverage applications. It can be additionaly equipped with switches and ISO standard accessories.

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